Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dear blog readers! This will be a short post because yours truly is in a hurry. I'm sitting on my bed, just edited my pictures and I am typing this little text now. It's past 9pm and I actually still need to paint my nails and plan my outfit for tomorrow. I'm going to Munich again tomorrow (getting up at 6am for this trip, yaaaay .. )! I think this city is becoming my second home .. but well, tomorrow I'll be there just for shopping reasons and not because my sister will move there in August/September. So, yay!

This is part 4 of my Animal Series, featuring the bright yellow-white ombre that I discovered on the penguins back when I went to the animal park. I love penguins, and I thought imitating their look would surely be a good mani, as well. Stay tuned for the last part of this little series!

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