Monday, 14 July 2014

Welcome to something new, dear blog readers! I spent some days with my family in Munich last week, and among other things we went to the animal park Hellabrunn as well. I took a fair amount of photos and got inspired by all different kinds of animals with their bright colors and patterns. That's why I decided to start a little series, split into 5 parts - so I will be painting 5 designs inspired by various animals that I saw at the zoo. I hope you're as excited as I am! Today I want to start with a pattern inspired by the mandarin fish. At the animal park I went past the fish tanks and had a look at each one when I discovered this particular fish! It was soooo beautiful. (Does it sound weird to you to call a fish beautiful? I don't know!) Anyways, I took several photos but they were all a little blurred since the fish moved all the time. Back at home I tried to find out the name of the species because I had forgotten to read the label next to the tank. Thanks to my brilliant Dad who knows SO MUCH about animals (he could be zoologist!) I found out what fish it was.

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