Monday, 7 July 2014

Last Friday I got a surprise package. Turns out it contained the new Tribal Beats Collection by Incoco, plus their latest pedicure appliqués! I got sooooo excited when I saw all these sets, haha. I had been lucky enough to try their nail polish appliqués in the past already, so I knew of the easy appliance and the nice quality of the sets. Side note: They don't contain stickers, the appliqués are made of real nail polish. Seeing all the new patterns and designs made me want to try them on my nails instantly. So that's what I ended up doing. Each set retails for $8.99 and is available here.

By the way: This post contains a photo of feet! Yes. I promised myself I would never post my feet on my blog because I don't like feet in general, I just think they're not the prettiest body part, to say the least. But I wanted to show you the pedicure appliqués and not only the manicure ones, and even though it's only one photo I think you can see how neatly polished your toe nails look - I hate doing my pedicure with nail polish in a bottle, so this might actually the perfect solution!

Tribal Beats

Desert Sunset

Bonfire Nights

 New Directions

Desert Jewel

Pedicure Appliqués: here

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