Friday, 29 March 2013

These nails were done by me two days ago on March 26. It was the day when I first ever went to a football (soccer for the American people) match, and I was so excited. Germany, my homecountry, was playing Kazakhstan in N├╝rnberg which is not far away from where I live. The tickets for the match were a Christmas gift from my Mum because I'm a huge football fan! I just had to fit my nails to this ocassion, right? I painted the German flag and then added the skyline of our capital Berlin to it. I'm not that good at straight, tiny lines so the buildings aren't perfect, but it still did look nice in the end. By the way, Germany won 4-1 that night and I was a happy but exhausted girl. I was back home with a cold at 1:15am .. oh, the things I do for football!