Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hello everyboody! I hope you're having a nice time watching some of the Worldcup matches (or every single one, like me). To all non-football fans, this will definitely be the last nail art dedicated to this topic! The tournament will be over in less than two weeks already, anyway .. so sad. I always LOVE that time during either Europe or Worldcups, which comes from the fact that I love football in general as well. So today I want to show you my German football nails, since they bet Algeria in the round of 16 last night. I also edited my very first tutorial on my Macbook, and I'm quite proud of the outcome! If I want to continue filming videos for you folks, I'd rather buy a proper camera first, though. I'll think about it. Please watch the tutorial and if you liked it, you know what to do :) It's with german captions since I think the majority of people watching and maybe recreating this will be german. But you'll still understand how you have to paint everything if you just watch what I'm doing in the video!

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