Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hello loves! This is a quite different blog post from all the others. Today I will show you my nail polish collection and the devices I use to share my content with you. Note: I am not doing this because I want to brag in any way - that would be ridiculous. Why would anybody be envious just because of the nail polishes I own? There are way more important things in life! Plus, I think I'm not a nail polish addict or anything. My stash is not that big, especially not in comparison to most of the other passionate nail art ladies out there!
But first of all, I shortly want to tell you which equipment I rely on. On the photo below you can see the camera I use: It's a Canon PowerShot A2000 IS. It wasn't too expensive and it's quite a few years old already, but for me it's still doing a great job!

The photo on top of this post shows my computer and my phone. I got the Macbook Pro Retina, which does a brilliant job editing my pictures (with iPhoto and PhotoScape X) and putting together new blog posts, and obviously I have to use my Samsung Ativ S smartphone to share my nail art on Instagram, as well. So that's that. But now to the nail polishes. I store all of them, along with my make-up, in a Helmer (from Ikea). Each drawer contains one of these plastic dividers.

As you can see below, I organize the bottles by color. Because I don't go for certain brands and it's much easier for me to find the perfect shade when I'm in need for a certain color for my nail art. I will name the brand of each nail polish in the picture; if you want to know the full name of a color then go ahead and ask me.

From left to right, front row: Collection 2000, CH Nail Lacquer, Essence, Miss Sporty, Kiko, Flormar, Barry M, Maybelline
Second row: Catrice, Catrice, Flormar, Barry M, P2, Yasmina, Models Own, MNY
Last row: Sephora, Barry M, Golden Rose, Catrice, Barry M, Julep, Kiko

From left to right, front row: Models Own, Essence, P2, Sally Hansen, Catrice, Essence
Second row: P2, Julep, Maybelline, Essie, OPI, OPI, P2

From left to right, front row: Models Own, Barry M, Kiko, OPI, Catrice, Models Own, Kiko, Collection 2000
Second row: MaxFactor, Dior, Essence, Models Own, Rimmel, P2
Last row: Catrice, Catrice, Kiko, Catrice, Chanel, Rimmel, Kiko

From left to right, front row: Essence, Essence, Models Own, Essie, Barry M, Kiko, Barry M, P2
Second row: Catrice, Catrice, Julep, Flormar, Kiko, Flormar, P2, Manhattan
Last row: Essence, Models Own, Manhattan, Collection 2000, Catrice

From left to right, front row: Barry M, Barry M, Miss Sporty, Models Own, Essence, P2, Catrice, Models Own
Second row: Essence, Essence, Catrice, P2, Barry M, OPI, Kron, Essence, Kiko
Last row: Sephora, MNY, Essence, Rimmel, Manhattan, Astor, Flormar, Catrice

From left to right, front row: H&M, Barry M, Barry M, Barry M, OPI, Flormar, P2
Second row: Barry M, NYC, Kiko, MaxFactor, Models Own, P2, Models Own

From left to right, front row: Barry M, Misslyn, Models Own, Kiko, OPI, Anny, P2
Second row: Essence, Catrice, Models Own, Barry M, P2, Barry M
Last row: American Nails, P2, NYC, Essence, Essence, Golden Rose, P2

From left to right, front row: OPI, Julep, OPI, Julep, Flormar, P2, Barry M, P2
Second row: Claire's, Barry M, LA Splash, Julep, Essence, Essence, Barry M, Sally Hansen, Essence
Last row: MUA, MUA, Beauty UK, Nail Sauce, Nail Sauce, Nail Sauce, Essence, LA Splash

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