My name is Julia, I'm a 19 year old student and I live in Germany. I really like to make my nails look pretty and talk about nail polish!

I had been painting my nails regularly since 2009 or 2010 (I don't really remember), but only thanks to joining Instagram in 2012 I got to know about the term "nail art". It made me super curious to see what other people painted onto their nails and how they did it, so I wanted to give it a try as well. Since summer 2012 I've been doing nail art myself and it has become a weekly habit for me. I think it's a great compensation to school, especially in stressful times.
Some of my passions apart from nailart are playing volleyball, watching football, listening to music, photography and travelling.

I started this blog on December 23 2012 because I wanted to display pictures of all pretty things related to nails and all my efforts in nail art. After a while, my Instagram account wasn't just enough anymore. In case you wonder why I run this blog all in english language, there's basically only one reason: it helps me to improve. I really, really want to perfect my english one day, and it's my dream to move to London at some stage in life. Not only because of all the amazing british brands located there, obviously!
My five favourite nail polish brands are Barry M, Models Own, p2, Catrice and KIKO. The shades I love the most are mint green and royal blue, aswell as any neon colour in general.

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Have a fantastic time on my blog! :)