Friday, 13 September 2013

This was the first time ever I used rhinestones. I had seen so many nice manicures with studs and rhinestones before, but when I wanted to spice up my nails with them, I was definitely lacking creativity. So I just picked 5 out of 6 different colours for each nail, and attached them in a W-pattern. Later at volleyball practise I noticed how awesome it would have looked to create a Tetris-look with these! I must keep this idea for later purposes. However, I got these rhinestones off for free (they asked me to write a review about them, item link here), and what can I say, I'd recommend them to everyone, nailart beginners as well of course. There's no difficulty in applying rhinestones, is there?

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Blackberry
 When I was in London, of course I went to Boots and Superdrug, two great drugstores in the UK. I got two Barry M nail polishes and some Sleek cosmetics. This Gelly Nail Paint in the shade Blackberry is one of the additions to my nail polish stash. It's a dark and really glossy teal. The Gelly Hi-Shine range is supposed to look as glossy as gel nails, and I think that this polish really fulfils its expectations. I love it!
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