Thursday, 2 May 2013

Last night I did some Spongebob related nailart on my nails, again. I've done previous manicures here and here, and the second link is the design that I won my first ever nailart contest with! I'm still proud of that :}

I was doodling around in my maths class this week when I remembered a photo on the internet with Spongebob faces on somebody's nails .. so I decided to do the same with Patrick Star's expressions. The idea appealed to me because I especially love his face that I painted on my pointer! x)

This time I outlined the faces with black nail polish first and then filled them in with colour. The result looks so much neater than how I'd usually paint the faces - I always painted the shapes in their colours first, and outlined them with black polish as final step. I could have thought of that before, but well - I didn't. Anyways, the good thing about nailart is that you constantly improve your work! And last night I definitely did :)

Here's a photo of the faces in progress: