Friday, 17 May 2013

Hey there! I am delighted to write this post for you today. Yesterday I made my first video tutorial ever! Because of that, I also created my own Youtube channel, called nailartinc aswell. I hope you'll watch this video, show it to your friends if you liked it, and keep supporting me!! I will go on working on this video thing and try to improve. Feedback would be appreciated aswell. So don't be shy and leave a comment :)

P.S. Change the video quality to HD!

But back to nailart, here are photos of my nails. I think this 3D pattern is really cool and so simple to do. It looks really pretty and I even got a compliment from my teacher during my R.E. exam! And he was male ..


And my left hand is making an appearance aswell (please don't pay attention to the blue stain on my pinky finger, I always get that from writing with a pen because I'm lefthanded ..)

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