Monday, 6 May 2013

I love football. Soccer for all the American people. I support FC Bayern M√ľnchen and Chelsea FC, and I'm talking to many fans of these clubs on the internet. So one day, some weeks ago actually, a friend of mine asked me to do Chelsea nailart! I couldn't say no, so yesterday I sat down and wondered how I could transform this topic onto my nails. Of course I painted my nails with KIKO's 336, an awesome electric blue and one my favourite colours ever, because Chelsea's colour is exactly this vibrant blue shade. Their kits are made by adidas, therefore I added three white stripes to each bottom right edge. And if you look at the club's emblem, you will see the lion (it's so intricate, not easy to paint at all!), and also the red flower and an ancient football. 1905 is their founding date, of course.
What made me happy last night was that my friend Beth, a Chelsea fan too, accepted my challenge and did the exact same piece of nailart! Hers look just as good as mine and I think she has really outdone herself. (: