Monday, 27 May 2013

This. This bright, vivid blue is one of my two favourite ever colours! I really really love it. This shade is number 336 by KIKO, and last week in Palma de Mallorca I bought a back-up of it. There is no KIKO store in my hometown so I'm a bit scared I will run out on this blue nail polish one day ..
problems. (By the way, I got a back-up of number 389, too! Yay!!)
Just let the photos below speak for themselves. This nail polish is the perfect, bright royal blue. I don't know any dupes for it, but maybe I'm just not too well informed? Grumpy by Essence would have been the perfect dupe though, but it was Limited Edition, baby. Anyways, as long as I know that number 336 won't be discontinued, I'll keep calm and stay happy. 0:)