Sunday, 13 January 2013

Oh hi. Is it obvious much that I rediscovered my passion for the Super Mario Bros game for Nintendo DS? I promise these are my last Super Mario styled nails. Unless you want me to do more! You can request any design anytime and I'll try to convert your wishes as far as possible.
So yeah. I prefer Mario over Luigi but green fitted better to the 1 UP on my ring finger and the mushroom on my pinky. Luigi was so hard to paint because I realized when I was done that his face was too big! I hadn't noticed it in time.
Do you think the black- and white flags on my pointer and middle finger that they use for Formula 1 make sense? I thought that if you have set yourself goals for the new year - like losing weight or spending less money - they might represent the destination. It's hard to capture my thoughts in words sometimes!
I'm very happy that my nails still didn't chip or break! I'm so curious about how long I can go on growing them. But I think Essie's Help Me Grow already did a good job. I'll write a post about the Essie polish some day .. when I have "results" to show you!
P.S. I'm actually not that happy about this mani. I spent my whole evening on it (I was painting so slowly today!) and after all I think it wasn't worth all this time. Leave your thoughts in the comments!