Sunday, 27 January 2013

There's nothing much to write for me right now. I'm tired, it's past midnight in Germany and I want to go to sleep! I'm still uploading the photos of my latest manicure before I do so, in case there is anybody that wants to take a look at these bright, cute monsters. I made a pretty cool cover for my school notebook out of a H&M catalogue, and among fashion stuff I also glued a photo of these stuffed animals of their Home collection on it. I loved them so much and knew that I'd have to paint them on my nails sooner or later! I used neon yellow, neon green and neon pink. The rawr, baa and grrr are just random. I like these "sounds" and I thought they'd fit to the cute monsters. And the flamingo .. it was in the H&M catalogue too, on a pillow. I adore its fancy look with the sunglasses!