Thursday, 10 January 2013

Postponed my maths homework for my nails. So typical of me to prefer nails over school work and I can't get away from this bad habit. But seriously, I need something to relax and enjoy! The only other things I look forward to apart from painting my nails are the weekend, and driving lessons because they're fun, and today my driving teacher said that I was driving so roughly and too fast. Ugh, thank you :(
About my nails. At first I was so keen on doing this design and thought of a thousand awesome ways it would look like in the end! But then I started painting and I didn't follow the note that I had written before (yes, I usually draw my nails onto a random paper and make a "plan" of how to paint them). And the unicorn's face turned out too fat, its skin colour was too pink, that made me super annoyed! I mixed my pink nail polish with a looooot of white so I'd finally get this rosé shade that I had actually wanted, and painted the unicorn again. I also had actually wanted to do a rainbow of light to dark shades of pink, but I didn't have many different shades and was too lazy to mix them all! I need to buy nail polish soon because there are so many colours I need for my designs. It's unreal ..
As background pattern I used dots and stars to give my nails some more colour and to make the design look more playful. Although I had imagined them much brighter in my mind before, I do like how I did my nails in the end! And now I can finally get some sleep. Good night!