Thursday, 3 January 2013

I just finished doing these! Hello Paul Frank ILYSM. (fangirl moment) I bought a Paul Frank calendar for the past year 2012 and there were so many cute images in it. (Why do I always get inspired of calendars for my nail art?) I couldn't help it but had to paint one onto my nails, I went with the monkey taking a bath. I love the rubber ducks (I love rubber ducks in general), aren't they cute? And about the monkey .. when I was about to finish painting the design, I dropped the brush of my red nail polish that I was holding, and it fell onto my right hand and also hit my ring finger. There were red streaks all over him! I don't know if you know how this feels, but it's possibly the worst feeling for any nail artist. Knowing that you have to do everything again is a catastrophy .. it reminds me of the times when I played Sims 3 a lot, but my laptop didn't run it properly so sometimes when I was building the perfect house for my Sim, it would crash, and of course I hadn't saved the game before. Ugghhh, drama.
But in general, I'm very happy about how my nails look like after the mess. I also already used my new quick dry spray for the first time and it seems to work. I'll have to use it some more to tell you if it's good, though!