Thursday, 26 September 2013

All you lovely blog readers, I've got to tell you something - a decision I have to make, even if I hate having to make it. In a previous post I mentioned that my final year at school has started, and I am already back to homework, writing essays, revising, all that annoying stuff that comes with it. Until November 12 I'll have to write an important about twenty-page paper for one of my seminar courses, and I'm a bit much behind in the working progress. In my spare time I play volleyball, and season will start next weekend aswell, so I will be pretty busy and have to make a cut somewhere else to have more time for working on my seminar paper and managing my average school life. It's obvious that this concerns my alternative activities nailart and blogging. I can't believe it myself when I say that from now on I will paint my nails only once or twice a week and not paint any patterns or figures on the polish. I haven't worn as "boring" (let's say, simple) nails as I probably will in the next weeks in .. more than one year? It'll feel weird for sure, but I need to use my spare time for more important things for now. Since I don't want this blog to be "dead" and everybody wonders where I might have gone, I thought I'd just let you know what's going on with my life until November. But then I will be back with nailart for sure, and I can't wait for that day to come already!! :)

P.S. I have some drafts saved on my account, so I might blog some unpublished nail polish pictures of mine from time to time. We'll see!

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