Saturday, 14 September 2013

Last Thursday, the new school year started here in Bavaria in Germany. It will be my last one, finally. Instead of going for these very popular Back to School nails that I have seen on Instagram a lot - yellow pencils, chalkboards, apples, lines of exercise books - I wanted to do something different. I painted my nails dark green and used a matte top coat to give it that chalkboard look. Since I think I won't really enjoy the last school year because of all the stress and my final exams in May, I painted a really negative message on my nails: HATE SCHOOL. A bit exaggerated, but still true :( I'm sure everybody's had that one day where they wish they could just drop out of school. Anyway, I will work hard and try my best because it's just that one last year. And that's what counts!

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