Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer is coming closer! It's been warm and sunny the last days, and I'm in this pre-holidays mood. Hardly school anymore, but lots of fun instead. Monday in one week I'll be in Paris with my school, I'm so looking forward to it! Not only because of the summer sales there at the moment ;)

My nails are painted yellow again. (Remember me wearing KIKO's Canary Yellow?) But this shade - Maybelline Colorama 749 - is more banana yellow than sunflower yellow. I usually don't like yellow polish because it reminds me of stained nails, but oh well, it does look nice with proper nailart on. One of the boys in my year has this yellow cap with the portrait of a native American on it. So I got inspired by that and painted it onto my nail! Of course I had to match my other nails aswell.

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