Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I wore a black tee with San Francisco print today. And tomorrow's date is .. July the 4th. Of course I remembered Independence Day which will be celebrated in the United States tomorrow! Because I like the US and also because I have a lot of followers/readers from there, I had to paint my nails in honour of this day. So, what's more typical than the stars and stripes, and the Statue of Liberty? I've done another american nailart in February (link here), but this one right here is more intricate. I love them both anyway - maybe because the colour combination red, blue and white always looks amazing in my opinion. The only thing that bothers me is that my top coat smudged the lines on my middle finger :(

And here's how to paint your nails:

You'll need (a base coat,) white, blue, red and black nail polish, and a top coat.

At first, apply the base coat in order not to get your nails stained. Then, paint your nails white and let it dry.
Next, take a thin nailart brush, and create the shape of a rectangle on your pinky and ring finger together. Using the same brush, paint thin red stripes across all your nails. Or in my case, just let the lines end somewhere if you've got some further nailart ideas for your pointer finger? Always keep your hand in the same position and don't move your fingers if you want the lines to run evenly for the design! You can see on the photo that you won't get the stripes perfect when applying the red. You can always take the white nail polish again and fix any flaws, just until you're happy with the look.
For the last step, place 5x10 white dots in the blue rectangle (as this is supposed to represent the American flag, obviously). What I did then is painting a portrait of the Statue of Liberty with black nail polish.

 Have a great 4th of July and happy painting!

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