Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog post of mine, I gave the aquarium nailart thing another try because I wasn't happy with how it had turned out the first time. I also made lots of photos so that I was able to make a photo tutorial! Let me explain shortly how I painted this design:

1. Paint your nails sky blue. (I used Models Own Feeling Blue)
2. Do the Saran Wrap technique using a dark blue nail polish (I used Catrice It Blue My Mind) - hint: Cover your cuticles with tape because you don't want the dark polish on your skin!
3. Paint the sand-like ground (I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons)
4. Now, using dark purple, dark green and lighter shades of green, paint the algas. (I used p2 Dim The Lights, Catrice Hugo Moss, Catrice ACid/DC and Models Own Jade Stone)
5. The last part of painting is all about animals! I decided to only paint fishes, but you could also add turtles, an octopus or an anchor, seahorses, sharks .. there are endless possibilities. As always, you could use Google image search for inspiration ;) the colours I used for my fishes were
Barry M Neon Pink, Barry M Neon Yellow, p2 Electric, Misslyn Snow White, Models Own Disco Mix, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Catrice I Am A Lob-Star, p2 Eternal.
6. This is an optional, last step: I applied a light blue glitter polish (Portia by Julep) and a layer of p2's Matte Victim top coat. If you'd like to use a normal, shiny top coat, it'll perfectly work aswell. :)

I hope this tutorial is at least a little helpful! I wanted to show you that creating this design is not that hard. Everyone can paint their nails, do the Saran Wrap technique (type it in Youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about!),  paint some wavy lines which are supposed to look like algas, and some random fishes. You all know what they look like and I bet you've all drawn some fishes in your life! So don't be worried and try sea nailart for yourself sometime.