Thursday, 7 March 2013

You surely all heard of the textured nail polish trend going on at the moment because of the OPI Liquid Sand or the Zoya Pixie Dust collections. The german drugstore brand p2 now released their new six shades of Sand Style nail polishes, and I was lucky to get the three colours that appealed to me the most! I went to my local drugstores three times in the last two days to finally find a display with nail polishes in it - they were always sold out. The colours I bought are named 040 illegal (red), 050 confidential (grey), and 060 strict (silver). They sparkle a lot in the bottle, but when I got home and painted my nails using 050 confidential, I literally couldn't get my eyes off my nails. This polish is so super sparkly! Plus, it's a grey shade with blue, purple and green glitter (it's hard to describe), so it looks like a galaxy. I'd say that if you buy this nail polish, you don't need to do galaxy nailart anymore. :D I'm amazed. The texture is new to me because these are my first sandy nail polishes, but I love touching my nails to feel the rough surface! It was easly to apply and dried quickly. One coat was enough to make the colour opaque, but I applied two to make my nails even more sparkly.
To be honest, I've never been as happy with a single nail polish as I am with this p2 one, it's so weird! What do you think of textured nail polishes? Do you like the look and feeling?