Thursday, 14 May 2015

Happy Father's Day everybody! (Today is a national holiday in Germany.) I got a surprise for you - a new blogpost. Awesome, right?

Last night as I was talking to my friend Sophia, who is even more crazy about nail polish as I used to be, I suddenly felt like painting my nails. Not just painting them, because I wear polish all the time, but doing something intricate and difficult! Challenging myself, basically.
Sophia had discovered my old nailart tutorials on Youtube, and so I clicked on them again, too, and watched my former self painting Superman. Reminiscing, and also feeling kinda sad that I had given up on one of the things I was so good at, I needed to see if I could still paint a super hero onto my nails if only I wanted to. So that's why at 10PM last night I sat down, got my nailart brushes out, and painted Batman. You know I love super heroes and comic style!

Do you think I did well?
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