Friday, 9 August 2013

Hey there! As you might have noticed, I decided to change the appearance of my blog. I simply wasn't happy with the previous one anymore, it started to bore me. I wanted something more fresh and clean, with a higher resolution of my photos. So here we go! Please give me some feedback how you like the new design :)

Yesterday I did nailart on both my hands. What a challenge, I nearly freaked out because it took me so long to paint the right hand, and then everything again on the left hand! I sat on my desk for like .. three hours? Not cool. But it feels so nice to have ten pretty nails instead of just five! I'm going to an eve-of-wedding-party tonight, and I wanted my nails to be all pastel and cute to fit to the marriage theme. Topped with this white triangle pattern, I simply love it.

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