Thursday, 29 August 2013

Earlier today I tried these black lace water decals from! (item link here) They sent it to me for free so I could write a review about it. They come in this little pink package in a set of 20 stickers:

As the instructions on the back of the pink sheet will tell you, you should apply a color of nail polish before starting with the water decals. While you let it dry, you can already remove the film that's on the sticker and cut out the one you want to use. Hold it under water for 10-20 seconds and put it out again. Then the water decal will slide off the sheet easily and you can drag it onto your nail. I found it rather easy to apply, the stickers got off the sheet without any problems and stuck to the dried nail polish very well. As you can see, I applied a matte top coat to seal the design - and I love the outcome! It didn't take me more than half an hour to polish my nails and to apply the stickers, which is a really time-saving method of doing your nails prettily. I never used to be a fan of nailart stickers but these I really like. By the way, if you'd like to place an order at for these water decals or anything else, you can use the code LD5J61 to get 10% off.

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