Sunday, 7 April 2013

I did today's post as guest post on I'm so so sorry for uploading this so late - since I've done this design on Wednesday or Thursday :l But it's got a photo tutorial in it, so maybe it's worth the wait! :)
This Vintage nailart design might take some time, 1-2 hours, but I think it's so worth it. If you try it out, please show me your work! You can tweet me, mention me on Instagram, send me an e-mail ..

The colours you'll be needing:
- white
- pastel colours like light blue, mint, lavender, apricot, light yellow, rosé
- rosé
- red
- leaf green
- dark grey (or black)

Vintage nailart tutorial [1], [2], [3]
Let's start with a white base, I used Snow White by Misslyn [1]. Wait until it's dry, then take one of your pastel nail polishes (I used Blue Moon by Barry M) and paint thin stripes onto your nails [2]. Let it dry again, because after that you'll want to do the saran wrap technique [3]! Please google it or watch a video on Youtube, it's very easy and quick to do. You could leave away this step though. I did the saran wrap using Fruit Loop by Collection 2000.

Vintage nailart tutorial [4], [5], [6]
Next, you take a rose nail polish (I used Rosy Bow by Dior) and paint the very basic shape of a butterfly [4]. I guess everyone of you has ever drawn a butterfly! Fill its wings with thin lines, going from the centre to the outer lines. [5] Finish with outlining your butterfly [6] with a dark grey colour (I used Secret Love by Anny. A black polish would do the job, too)!

Vintage nailart tutorial [7], [8], [9]
On my ring finger, I painted a portrait of a lady with the same dark grey polish [7&8]. There's no tutorial for it because .. you just paint her :l But of course these two steps are optional for you. Go on with the roses instead [8]. Paint random circular shapes using your rose nail polish again. After that, add short red lines to the pink circles [9], they will actually make them look like roses. I used Right Said Red by Sally Hansen. Don't forget taking your green polish (mine was ACid/DC by Catrice) to paint two or three leaves to every flower. The leaves are really easy, they could be triangles or thick, short lines. And, that's it! Overall, this design might take you 1-2 hours to do, so stay patient and don't get stressed :)

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