Saturday, 13 April 2013

In a birthday nail mail that I got last week from my lovely friend Beth, I found this nail polish! Barry M Ridley Road from their new Textured Nail Effects range. I guess there are four pastel colours in total, aren't there? A yellow, blue, this mint green and another colour, I don't remember the last one. But hey, I had wished for this one and now she got it for me :} thank you Beth!
Ridley Road is opaque in two coats. It dries averagely quick and it dries matte, but the special thing about it is that it gets a rough texture that you can see and feel. It's almost like the p2 Sand Style polishes that I reviewed (links here and here) some weeks ago, but this Barry M one is different! It feels kind of softer on your nails .. like hard gum. That's not an "eww" kind of feeling, it felt so awesome to touch the surface of your nails when I wore it. Really strange to describe for me! But I love this nail polish! Not only because of the texture that amazes me, but also because it's mint green, and that is one of my favourite colours. It's nearly like KIKO 389 (shown here) which I love to death. Well, almost.
Barry M nail polishes are available in the UK and on the internet, but not in any german drugstores unfortunately :( I love this brand so much! I need to move to Great Britain one day.