Saturday, 8 June 2013

What a sunny day it was yesterday! It felt a bit like .. summer. Yes :o After all the rainy days in Germany and the high floods in parts of the country, I was so happy about the rising temperatures and the sun beams on my skin. What fits better than some icecream nailart? (It's a bit abstract, I must admit. :D Not everyone recognizes that I was trying to paint dripping chocolate and sprinkles, *cough* my friends *cough*!)
But anyways, I used Barry M Ridley Road as base colour, representing mint icecream or something. It's a textured nail polish, and it has definitely become one of my favourite nail polishes! So so gorgeous. The chocolate colour is Catrice Bruno Brownani, I think it fits perfectly. The sprinkles are Barry M Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Blue Moon and Flormar Nr.14. By the way, this was my first ever drip nailart! And I'm so sorry for my dirty fingers on the photos! My foam sponge nail polish remover by p2 stains, since you stick your finger in the bottle and twist it until all the polish is gone. P.S. I love how fast it works!

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