Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hola there! A little update from me, I'm doing quite well. I miss doing nailart, and I hope I can get started with it soon again. It would be a pity otherwise, wouldn't it? Here's a colour that I painted on my nails two days ago, it's It Blue My Mind by Catrice. This polish was the third one I ever bought, it has to be three or four years old! Thanks to nail polish thinners, it's still usable .. I'm really glad. I don't think this is an exceptional or neither unique color, and since it has been discontinued, I could buy it from a lot of other brands I guess. However, I really love how it looks on my nails - that applies to dark blue nail polish in general. I hope all you lovely readers are fine, I'll talk to you again soon! ♥
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