Monday, 3 June 2013

I felt so unmotivated to do any nailart the last days. School stuff kept worrying me and although I was on holidays, I never felt like I could just relax for some hours. Now I'm back to school, there are two months left until summer holidays (oh my god! Yay!) and I'll try to focus on my last exams for year 11.
I was in a hurry last night and had to polish my nails (if I went to school with my nails unpainted, everyone would go mad! Haha.) and so I just painted them black. Today when I got home, I decided I wanted to do some tattoo nailart on the black. But white on black would have been too simple, wouldn't it? So I went with a galaxy background. I loved the 2013 galaxy nails I had done last year so I gave it another try, just with tattoo lettering on top this time. :}